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About Us

The Company

Established in 1986, AFT Fluorotec is a pioneer in the processing and machining of PTFE and other engineering plastics using the latest technology. AFT Fluorotec Coatings Limited is part of the AFT Fluorotec group of companies. Recent investment in PTFE and Fluoropolymer coating equipment allows us to supply the full range of Fluoropolymer materials, providing solutions to a broad spectrum of industries. Other than PTFE our range includes PFA and FEP, as well as ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF and PEEK

Many of these coatings are better known by their trade names: Teflon® & Tefzel® (DuPont), Xylan® & Xylar® (Whitford Worldwide), Greblon® & Senotherm® (Weilburger), Halar® (Solvay), Kynar® (Arkema), Emralon® (Acheson).

As a company, we know that our customers have options which is why we offer more than just a coating service. At AFT Fluorotec we pride ourselves on:

By working closely with our customers we can help to understand their needs and choose the best coating solution for the application. Our coatings systems offer many properties and technologies that can provide answers for chemical or corrosion protection, low friction, anti galling, wear resistance, non-stick/release, non-wetting, electrical insulating, temperature resistance and stability.

So Why AFT Fluorotec Coatings?

AFT Fluorotec apply coatings developed and supplied by many big brands and market leaders. However, whilst there is a lot of technology and development within the creation of these products and all types of PTFE coatings, having the right materials does not guarantee a quality end product. The guarantee of lasting performance and product quality comes from the preparation and application of these coating systems. There are 4 main components to ensuring a high quality coated product; Material, Preparation, Application and Curing. All of these processes being performed correctly are the only way to guarantee results. The team at AFT Fluorotec have such a wealth of experience and ensure that no shortcuts are taken, guaranteeing the customer a high quality, reliable product first time, every time

Selection of the correct Coating material is essential to the success and functionality of any PTFE coated product. There are vast differences with regards to performance and working criteria across the many options that all fall under the PTFE coatings umbrella. AFT Fluorotec Coatings will request the application details, working conditions, etc and make the correct recommendation of which PTFE coating is correct for you.

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AFT Fluorotec Coatings SERVICES

As a leading Fluoropolymer coating provider we offer a diverse range of industrial coating services.

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AFT Fluorotec Coatings BENEFITS OF PTFE

AFT have developed a range of Fluoropolymer coating systems which benefit most applications.

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