We recognise that the typical requirement for a PTFE or fluoropolymer coating service is generally at the end of your process. And as such, lead time and turn-around time to apply the coating is generally limited.

In order to meet your deadlines and delivery dates we pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service, from quick response to enquiries and short production lead times, to overnight turnaround in urgent cases.

By working with you to ensure these critical deadlines are kept, we aim to build long-term trust and develop a new benchmark in customer service and reliable support from a trusted PTFE coatings supplier.

What our customers say...
"We have always found AFT Fluorotec to be extremely responsive to our requirements, working as we do in a competitive and demanding industry AFT have proven their quality and service to be of a very high standard again and again."

How we can help you

When you choose AFT Fluorotec, you can be sure of an excellent service in the following areas:

  • Bakeware Coating services. Our non-stick coatings can help extend the lifetime of your equipment and improve the quality of your end product (and it's more cost-effective than using solutions such as silicone glaze!).
  • Bakeware Refurbishment. We can manage a continuous refurbishment cycle for your equipment to ensure you have no downtime and your equipment is kept in good condition.
  • Release Coatings. We can develop PTFE packaging equipment with strong non-stick properties and high temperature tolerances.
  • Surface Preparation. The correct surface preparation is vital to ensure a high quality coating.
  • Anti Corrosion Paint. Advice on anti corrosion paint choice and application of numerous paint systems to solve a specific corrosion issue.
  • PTFE Coated Glass. Strip and recoat on glassware, or new PTFE glass coating application for resistance to breakage.
  • Anti-Friction Self-Lubricating CoatingsThe coatings provide friction control and surface release solutions for a wide range of industrial applications where liquid lubricants cannot be used.
  • Glue Tank Refurbishment Service. We can refurbish glue tanks at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.
  • PTFE Coloured Coatings. Our coating solutions can be applied in a wide range of colours.
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