Our facilities allow us to offer a rapid equipment coating maintenance and refurbishment service for bakery equipment, chemical process equipment, handling equipment and packaging machinery.

One of our main strengths in this area is our knowledge of different blast medias. This means you’ll benefit from the correct selection of surface preparation for your equipment parts.


We will work with you to determine which of our range of coating solutions will give you the best results, and we'll work to your timetable.


Most types of food and chemical processing equipment, packaging machinery, handling and mould release equipment are covered by our refurbishment services.


Why Choose Fluorotec Coatings?

  • Cost-effective. You can save money over using silicone glaze.
  • A better end product. Coatings can be tailored to your specific needs, which means less waste or damage to your products.
  • Easier to clean. Which saves you time and lowers your carbon footprint.
  • We work to your timescale. We aim to accommodate any requirements from our customers.
  • An industry-leading service. Our team of experts can help find the solution that works for your business.
What our customers say...
"We have always found AFT Fluorotec to be extremely responsive to our requirements, working as we do in a competitive and demanding industry AFT have proven their quality and service to be of a very high standard again and again."


How much can you save?

Coating your bakeware equipment is not only a more effective solution than using silicone glaze, it's also saves you money! Our coatings last much longer than silicone glaze - a PTFE coated tin will typically last 10 times longer than a silicone glazed tin.

Check out our calculator to see how much you can save by coating your tins with PTFE.

Silicone Glaze vs PTFE

Tell us about your Silicone Glazed tins

What can be coated?

Here are just a few examples of the types of equipment that can benefit from our coating or refurbishment service.


Bakery equipment

Dough hoppers, dough chutes, dough rounders , dough rollers, mixing bowls, spreader bars, bread tins, bun trays, baking trays, muffin trays, pie hoops, pie tins, crumpet rings, cake tins & moulds.


Chemical process equipment

Agitators, centrifuges, chemical tanks, process vessels, pipe spools, fans and pumps.


Packaging machinery

Heat seal bars, heat seal tools, hot foil tools, glue nozzles, glue tanks, cutting blades, scrappers, guide rails and rollers.


Handling equipment

Conveyor slats, conveyor chutes, rollers, mixing vessels and tanks.


Mould release

Mould platen, mould tools, plug moulds, tyre moulds, shoe and glove moulds.

We can apply coatings to most bakeware equipment that requires non-stick or other properties - please get in touch to chat about your requirements.

Bakeware Coatings Service
We will work with you to understand your business and recommend the best coating solution for your needs.

We guarantee each product is finished to the highest quality, ensuring maximum long life and durability.
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