AFT Fluorotec Ltd is a group of companies based in England around the outskirts of London in Hertford and Kent.

When we began, our ambition was to be a flexible customer-driven company, capable of giving clients exactly what they needed and not be limited to supply only from a rigid product portfolio.

Whilst our company beginnings were focused around PTFE and fluoropolymer moulded and machined parts, the demand for PTFE and associated coatings from our customer base pushed us to invest in this area.


Where we are now

Jump forward five years and we are firmly established as a leading solution provider in the PTFE and fluoropolymer coatings industry. We now employ more than 60 people and are trusted by many big names in food processing and industrial markets alike to supply coated solutions.

Our goal remains the same – To supply customers exactly what they require when they need it and back this up with commercial competitiveness and an ISO approved quality system.

Whilst our company may be young, the wealth of experience in our workforce makes us old hands in the coatings industry. The whole team within AFT have many years experience within the PTFE and coatings industry and joined AFT with a desire to be part of the next generation of solution providers and innovators within this specialised field.

What our customers say...
"AFT are a technical company. During a recent visit I was amazed and impressed at just how engaged in their work every team member is. I don’t know their secret but they have very happy employees."

Investing in our future

Through a constant program of reinvestment, our facilities and plant are the newest and most advanced within the UK and can handle all shapes, sizes and quantities of product.

Take a walk through our factory on any given day and you could see 2000 items of industrial bakeware being processed on our automated line in one area and then many individual very high value bespoke items of laboratory components or glassware being hand crafted in another.

Regardless of the quantity or type of component or coating we have the equipment and expertise to provide an excellent solution.

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