The nature of our business means we can’t simply deliver a one-size-fits-all solution – it just wouldn’t work.  There are too many variables to take into account before deciding on what coating solution is best for a particular project.

This is why we also offer an end-to-end product design service.  It allows us to use our decades of experience, industry contacts and technical know-how to work with our clients from the outset of their projects and come up with the best solution.


problems we can help solve

  • You need equipment that has specific tolerances or qualities
  • You need to achieve a specific physical property
  • Your business needs to reduce costs
  • You need to replace existing equipment
  • You need to plan a refurbishment cycle for your equipment
  • You need to improve the quality of your end product
  • You have a specific brief that needs to be fulfilled

The first step is to call us and have a chat.  It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure about what it is you need at this stage – we can chat about your business and how we could help you.

What our clients say...
"Our main reasons for choosing AFT Fluorotec are their excellent delivery and service, they are always responsive to specific requests and expediting our orders where necessary. Their work is consistently high quality with a very low rejection rate. They have a high level of technical know how and are always happy to work alongside our design team in the development of new parts."


Why choose AFT Fluorotec?

Our team of experts has decades of industry experience and we’ve been providing solutions for many clients in the baking, food processing, oil & gas and scientific industries for years.

Through a constant program of reinvestment, our facilities and plant are the newest and most advanced within the UK and can handle all shapes, sizes and quantities of product.

Take a walk through our factory on any given day and you could see 2000 items of industrial bakeware being processed on our automated line in one area and then individual high value bespoke items of laboratory components or glassware being handcrafted in another.

Regardless of the quantity or type of component or coating we have the equipment and expertise to provide an excellent solution.

We know what works, what doesn’t and how to avoid potential pitfalls.  More importantly, we know that every solution we provide will be critical to our clients and as such, it’s imperative that we deliver a reliable and robust solution.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you out.

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